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Welcome to The Clarion Development Agency

We empower children, the youth and women from previously disadvantaged communities, in partnership with all our stakeholders to help create a better today and brighter tomorrow using the core principles of Ubuntu.

A better life for the children, that’s every parent’s dream. And so, we live for a better life. We go to school for a better life. We go to work for a better life and we create relationships for a better life. The hustling and bustling in society today is guided by this constant seeking for a better life. But how do we achieve that without addressing the cause of pain and suffering in the world today? How do we address this without looking deep within ourselves and our own contribution to the conditions for today’s living? Is it enough to solve the issue of poverty and unemployment by merely providing aid to the needy?

At The Clarion Development Agency, while we acknowledge the need to assist those in need, we also consider it necessary to invest in sustainable living as the only pathway for a better today and a brighter tomorrow for our people. What is meant by sustainable is tackling issues of poverty at their core, rather than at their periphery.

We believe that man is poorer today and constantly in conflict due to the lack of Ubuntu. It is this Ubuntu that can inspire people to overcome their challenges, elevate themselves above these challenges and liberate themselves from them, summed up in the values of Love, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

Once this is done, it will create conditions for all forces of nature to respond naturally and positively to our needs and in turn reduce the levels of pain and suffering in the world.

  • Education and Training
  • Life Skills Development
  • HIV and AIDS Care and Counselling
  • Substance Abuse Care and Support
  • Arts and Sports Training
  • African Heritage Training
  • Ubuntu Advocacy

Become a Volunteer

By becoming a volunteer, you are helping to give hope to the hopeless and contribute to a better today and a brighter tomorrow, the Ubuntu way.

Reduce World Poverty

When we share with those in need we are reducing poverty one child a time and contributing to a better today and a brighter tomorrow, the Ubuntu way.

Reduce Violence in Society

The level of Intolerance in our country’s leaders is spreading in our schools, and all spheres of our society. It is affecting our children, the youth, and women. We can help address it and create a better today and a brighter tomorrow by promoting the spirit of Ubuntu.

Sponsor a Child in Need

You are the only hope for a child in need. Everywhere they go it’s darkness. You can bring that light in their life today and contribute to a better today and brighter tomorrow.

Live and Spread Ubuntu

What the world needs to overcome today’s socio-economic challenges is to live by the principles of Ubuntu; those who have must share with the needy, one child at a time. It is not about equality but about balance between giving and taking.

Be Inspired. Be Creative

Whats is lacking in our society today is the inspiration and creativity that is needed to overcome our growing challenges. By applying the principles of Ubuntu, we can begin to develop the inspiration and creativity that is needed to get our people out of misery and dependency.

Our Programs

Education and Training

Education and Training for a better expression in country’s economy.

Life Skills Development

Life Skills Development for a better understanding of the experience of life.

HIV and AIDS Care and Counselling

HIV and AIDS Care and Counselling to help reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS in our society.

Substance Abuse Care and Support

Substance Abuse Care and Support to deal with issues of substance abuse in our communities and among the youth in particular.

Arts and Sports Training

Arts and Sports to foster teamwork, discipline and focus and to develop creative thinking and imagination skills.

African Heritage Training

African Heritage Training to strengthen the sense of identity necessary for purposeful living.

Ubuntu Advocacy

Ubuntu Advocacy to rekindle the spirit of Ubuntu in our society.

Become a Volunteer

Join your hand with us for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Meet our National Coordinator

Meisie Ndonyane

Driven by the desire to give back, Meisie comes from a very humble background and is grateful to kindhearted South Africans who helped groom her from a cleaner to an entrepreneur.

Thanks to the support she received and her willingness to learn, she was able to escape the temptation of living off the little income of her mother to stand on her own feet and become a very important partner in her marriage.

Not only is she a mother of two children to her loving husband she is also a parent to all those who are deprived of a decent meal everyday in Orange Farm. Prior to joining in founding this organisation, she regularly organised meals for the poor and vulnerable in her area using her own money.

The desire to have a broader reach created the necessity to form this platform and hopefully with the help of other generous citizens, she will be able to make her dream come true. The dream of stoping poverty for good in Orange Farm where she grew up.

What she has grasped from her experience is that stopping hunger and poverty does not require big money but consistency of giving with a good heart, and without expectations for everyone in the community.

Donate now to support Meisie and help her fight hunger and reverse the cycle of poverty in our society.

We Need Your Support

Let’s stop this pain and suffering and help fulfill their life’s purposes

The hope that was created for these children 25 years ago after out first democratic elections can be revived. It does not require a magic wand; it does not require a huge effort. All it needs is people with compassion and understanding who are willing to shared a little of their blessings with the needy, the Ubuntu way.

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